6 Feb 2013

5 Shrek 2 Pc Game Full Version Free Download [ Link Updated ]


       Developement:-Shrek 2 was created by Luxoflux and KnowWonder and published by Activision in 2004. The game is based on the 2004 animated film of the same name by Dreamworks. TDK shown the game at the E3 convention in May 2003.[2][3] Activision announced on December of that same year that they would be working with DreamWorks to develop and publish video games based on the upcoming Shrek 2 movie,[4] before they released the first trailer for the game in Spring of 2004.[5]


In each level, the player controls a team of four characters, and can switch between them at any point. Each character has a unique ability that aids them in fighting enemies or moving through the environment (for example, Donkey can destroy obstacles and Fiona can slow down time).
The game is broken into different chapters, each with their own set of goals. One chapter might require the player to make sure three blind mice safely make their way to the witch's house. Another chapter might have the player act as a deputy in Far, Far Away Land—collecting bits of Humpty Dumpty, stealing treasure from a troll, escorting Cinderella while she window shops for a glass slipper, or ridding the town to the Pied Piper's rat infestation, collecting chickens for a stew, or battling Puss in Boots via timed button presses.[1]
Players play mini-games that the player will have to complete when the player isn't traveling on hazardous paths from point A to point B. Challenges that require the player his/her entire party include having to punch chickens into cook pots or a pen, escorting characters through a stage (Billy Goat Gruff and the three blind mice), and collecting fairies, jewelry, etc.[1]
The second type of mini-game, dubbed "Hero Time," gives one character a challenge to complete, usually emphasizing that character's particular skills displayed in the movie. Donkey at one point has to chase a fleeing onion wagon well riding on the back of Dragon. Fiona holds a private concert for a flock of black birds she's collecting for a pie (via exploding them by rhythm based button presses). Shrek has to throw a bunch of thugs into a paddy wagon.[1]


The score for the game was composed by Kevin Manthei and Kevin Riepl with additional music by Rob Berry. The soundtrack album consists of 58 tracks with over 65 minutes of score. It can be bought exclusively at KMM Productions.

Track listing:-

01. Swamp Theme
02. Oh Merry Men!
03. Chicken Mini-Game
04. Spooky Forest Theme
05. Cemetery Creep
06. Cemetery Combat
07. Fat Knight Fight
08. Spooky Combat
09. Spooky Hero Time
10. Far Far Away Theme
11. Humpty Riot
12. Outlaw Theme
13. Ratical Battle
14. Troll Combat
15. Chicken Mini-Game
16. Ogre Killer Medley
17. Walking the Path Theme
18. Bridge Combat
19. Riverbank Theme
20. Combat
21. Talking to a Goat
22. Talking to a Leprechaun
23. Intro
24. Hub Theme
25. Flower Power
26. Haunted Corn Patch
27. Blueberry Mini-Game
28. J&J Hero Time
29. Fairy Godmother's Theme
30. Sneeking in the Halls
31. Factory Chase
32. Potion Room
33. Fairy Hero Time
34. Exterior Sneek
35. Ball Room
36. Caught Combat
37. Mama Spider Combat
38. Troll Combat 2
39. The Hallway
40. Mines Combat
41. Dark Rooms
42. Plaza
43. Mines Hero Time
44. Rooftops
45. Cookie Attacks
46. Cookie Hero Time
47. Final Boss Phase 1
48. Final Boss Phase 2
49. Shell Music
50. The Ending
51. Coin Theme
52. Riverbank alt. Versions
53. Spooky Forest Mice
54. Spooky Hero Time alt. Version
55. Jack n Jill concept piece
56. Jack n Jill Blueberry chase
57. Jack n Jill Haystack Needle
58. Scrapbook music - fairytale ending

 System Requirements:-

Pentium III

Ram 128 Mb

Hard Disk Space 620 Mb

VGA Card 32 Mb


1-After Downloading Simply Extract Files With Winrar And Give Password Given Below
2-Than Again Extarct Files Of Next File
3-Then You Will Get The Setup Of Game
4-Open The Setup And Install The Game
5-Play Shrek 2 And Enjoy The Game 

 Password = realpcgamers.blogspot.com

Dowloading Links Are Below:-

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Game Trailer:- 

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