2 Sep 2012

1 Tiny Troopers PC Game Full Version Free Download [ 79.2 MB ]

                       If you are looking for an action-style game unique just fun, go to the Tiny Troopers.
Tiny Troopers is a war simulation game extremely fun and unique. There, you will be truly breathtaking moments with various tasks in both content and method of implementation. How to survive? What to do to complete the task? No one else, you will be the answer to those questions.
First, Tiny Troopers offers two game modes for you to choose the Campain and Mission. The Campain, you will turn to perform a series of tasks related to each other to collect points and discover the game's storyline. As for Mission, everything would be much easier when the game gives you the individual tasks and your job is simply trying to get a score as high as possible.

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